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Golden Triangle Tours
Duration : 03 Nights/ 04 Days
Golden Triangle with Gwalior
Duration : 06 Nights/ 07 Days
ExoticTaj Mahal Tour
Duration : 08 Nights/ 09 Days
Land of The Maharajas Tour
Duration : 10 Nights/ 11 Days
Royal Rajasthan On Wheel
07 Nights/ )8 Days

Palace On Wheels
06 Nights/ 07 Days

Rajasthan Splendor Tour
Duration : 13 Nights/ 14 Days

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Tamil Nadu Holiday Tours
Duration : 23 Nights/ 24 Days
Tamil Nadu Temple Tours
Duration : 06 Nights/ 07 Days
Tamil Nadu Pilgrim Tours
Duration : 09 Nights/ 10 Days

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Honeymoon Special Package
: 08 Nights/ 09 Days
Deluxe Houseboat Package
Duration : 05 Nights/ 06 Days
Vaishno Devi & Kashmir Tour
Duration : 06 Nights/ 07 Days
Kashmir Ladakh Tour Package
Duration : 07 Nights/ 08 Days

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The district of Deoghar lies in the North-Eastern Part of the state of Jharkhand in Santhal Pargana. Deoghar is  famous as the cultural capital of Jharkhand. This place has served as the source of inspiration for literary excellence, profound philosophers, thinkers, poets and artists.

Baba Baidyanath Mandir

The ancient temple of Tavaneshwar Baba Baidyanath lies at Deoghar. According to Shiv Purana, Ravana-the lord of Lanka with the intention of establishing a shiv – linga at his capital entered into a deep penance, and acquired the same after satisfying Lord Mahadeva which he was carrying to Lanka. Lord Shiva had granted and permitted the same on the term that the linga can not be placed anywhere else during the whole journey except at Lanka. But Ravana had to keep it at Deoghar on his way and thus Baba Baidyanath has been known as  Ravaneshwar Mahadeo also. It is one of the twelve ‘Jyotirlingas’ and famous as ‘Kamanalinga’ too it is said that with whatever wish or inclination a true and devoted pilgrim comes here, Baba Ravaneshwar Vaidyanath fulfills it.
Every year, approximately two crores of pilgrims come here with different desires from different places to get their  dreams come true.
It is said that the scarification of life by Mother Sati at her father’s yagna, Shiva took her lifeless body on his shoulder and roamed aimlessly as a mad husband. Then Lord Vishnu, with an aim to release Shiva from Sati’s delusion, cut her body into pieces and thus, in this way, Sati’s heart fell down at Deoghar at the very place  where the Jyotirilinga has been placed. Thus the place has been turned to a famous place of pilgrimage and known the world over.

In addition to Baidyanath Mandir, there lies 21 other temples in the courtyard which are:-

Maa Parvati Mandir   Maa Jagat Janani mandir   Ganesh Mandir   Brahma mandir   Sandhya Mandir   Kal Manasha Mandir
Hanuman Mandir   Maa Manasha Mandir   Maa Saraswati Mandir   Surya Narayan Mandir   Maa Bagala Mandir   Ram Mandir
Anand Bhairav Mandir   Maa Ganga Mandir   Gouri Shankar Mandir   Maa Tara Mandir   Maa kali Mandir   Maa Narvadeswar Mandir
Maa Annapuma Mandir  Laxmi Narayam Mandir   Neelkantha Mandir 

All the temples are very ancient and of extreme religious importance.

The Worls famous Shravani Mela of Deoghar
Every year in the mouth of Shravan, the famous Shravani Mela is held at Deoghar. The pilgrims carry the holy water of Ganga from Sultanganj’s Ganga ghat of Bhagalpur district and travel in the inaccessible 110 km. Long way bare footed carrying the ‘Kanwar’ which holds the water of Ganga to the Babadham, Deoghar and offer the same to the Devadideva Mahadeva.

According to the ancient tales Mahadeva had drunk the poison resulted from Samudra Mantham and his throat  turned blue and he felt intensive irritation. To get rid of this irritation water had to be shed in him continuously. Hence, in the month of shravan, Water is offered on Mahadeva.

Traditionally form them during the month of Shravan the devotees offer the holy water of Ganga which pleases  Lord Mahadeva.

Approx, 110km. Long, this fair (Mela), turns wholly ‘shivamiy’ (full id Shiva-Thoughts) and completely submerges  in devotional environ. The devotees, dressed in Saffron, get lost in Shiva-Bhakti leaving aside all the ties of material world.

In Deoghar lies the following places of interest which are very important from the view point of religion, spiritualism, culture and tourism.

Shiva Ganga
It is a sacred poot of water and situated in the north of Baidyanath Temple. The devotees take holy dip into it  before the worship of Lord Baisyanath which is considered perfect according to the system and belief. Its ancient name is ‘Bhavarog Harkund’ The Aswini Kumars got rid of their diseases by taking dip into it and worshipped Baidyanath’s Jyotirling.

Naulakha Mandi

60 years ago Rani Charushila, the queen of Pathuriaghat of Deoghar had built this temple of Radha Krishna under the instruction of her Guru Balanand Brahmachari at a cost of Rs. 9 Lakhs.  This temple is a nice example of Indian art & architecture.


It’s a Shiva temple situated in the northern direction of Deoghar at a distance of 5 km. There is an old Shivalinga in this temple and according to local legends it has been sprung up from beneath a yellow myrobalan (Haritaki)  tree for which this ‘linga’ is also named as ‘Haritakinath’.

The Trikut Hill

It’s an entertaining and magnificent hill situated at a distance of 18 km from Deoghar on the eastern side. The natural fountain and the Shiva temple is worth seeing at this place. The Govt. has adopted a plan to develop it as  a place of tourist interest with launching ropeway and other necessities.

Ram Krishan Mission Vidyapeeth

It is a famous educational centre based on the principles of Shri Ramakrishana and his disciple Swami Vivekananda. There is a museum, a zoo, and an artistic temple of Shri Ramakrishna at this place. 

Nandan Pahar (The Hill)

It’s a beautiful hill and lies on the western side of Deoghar-the whole town and its surroundings is visible from here. For the tourists there are various arrangements like train, Russian swing, Boating club, restaurants, etc,  together with a big statue of ‘Nandi’ – all these attract numerous visitors to this place.


About 40 km. From Deoghar, this place has an ancient grand temple of “Maa Kali”. Throughout the year. Devotee come to pay a visit to the Goddess who is famous by the name of ‘Virkat Kali’. Every Tuesday and Saturday a huge crowd of devotee come to pray here. On the eve of Diwali a fair is organized where thousands of pilgrims  come to visit the temple of Maa Kali.

Navdurga Mandir
About 2.5 km away from Deoghar is situated an attractive temple of Maa Durga which has a metallic idol of the goddess and also paintings depicting her nine roops can be seen here.


Situated on the eastern front of Deoghar about 9 kms from the city is a famous place of “Pahari Mandirs” where are a no. of caves and it was a meditation place for the rishis and munis for a long time. Thus it came to be known as Tapovan.

Pagla Baba Ashram
A pair of temples situated on the west and about 1.5 km away from the station of Jasidih and 9 kms from Deoghar. Is the ashram of Late Leekanand Chakraborty known as Pagal Baba. For 101 yrs., Baba has  promised, to continue bhajan and Kirtan here, which still continues here day and night.

Hindi Vidya Peeth
About 1 km away in the northern part of Baba Mandir is this Vidyapeeth established by our first President Dr.  Rajendra Prasad in the year. 1929 and he served as the Vice Chancellor of this institution. Here foreigners and  non-hindi students are taught Hindi.

Jain Mandir
Near the tower chowk of Deoghar this is a grand temple of the Jains which contains idols of the 23rd Tirthankars Bhagwan Parasnath which is worth noticing. It also contains the special sculptors of Rajasthani artists on the coloured glass.

Kameshwar Mahadev Mandir
Situated in the ‘Karyon Village’ about 75 kms from Deoghar, is the temple of Kameshwar Mahadev. According to historians Danveer ‘Kama’ of Mahabharata had established and worshipped in this temple of Mahadev. This shivlingh is famous by the name of ‘Tantrik Makadev’ where followers come for worshipping Shiva and for ‘Tantra Siddhi’.

Best Season : October to February.

How to reach:
Air : Nearest airport: Patna-270 Km,Ranchi-345 Km.

Rail : Jasidih-8 Km.Jasidih is on the main line of Delhi-Patna-Howrah.

Road : Well connected by road within state and outside state.Taxis and buses are available round the clock.
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